Maccas will never be the same

03 Apr 2015

IT’S Maccas, but not as you know it. Your humble suburban McDonald’s will soon be so fancy and schmick that you’ll barely recognise it.

Stop blaming the moon: Scientist says ‘poor mental hygiene’ is bending our thoughts

03 Apr 2015

FROM brawls to births, accidents to Armageddon: We always seem to end up blaming the moon. Stop it: It has nothing to do with reality, an irked scientist says.

What do those airport codes actually mean?

03 Apr 2015

A pair of friends in the USA were puzzled by the series of letters and developed a website, Airport Codes, dedicated solely to revealing the mysteries behind them.

SELFIE OF OUTRAGE: What is so wrong about this picture?

03 Apr 2015

FUNNYMAN Chris Rock has sparked a massive debate in the US after uploading a series of selfies that many think show everything that is wrong with the country.


26 Mar 2015

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